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Green Options

Green Options

When the care of a loved one is coupled with a concern for the environment and a want to return to a simpler time of caring for our family.

At Cook Family Funeral Home, Cremation Service, and Cemetery, caring for our environment, as we care for the families we are entrusted to serve, are top priorities. We have recently taken that commitment a step further and have received our Green Burial Certification for Hillcrest Cemetery. Along with that and in our decision to acquire Hillcrest Cemetery, we feel we have been given an important responsibility when it comes to our environment and the care we show for it in everything we do.

Coupled with the various request we have had from our community along with the desire of families to care for their own in the most natural way possible, we are proud to announce that we are the first funeral home, cremation service, and cemetery in Kitsap County to offer 100% Green Services. At Hillcrest, we have dedicated a section for Green Burials, which means no manmade artificial products or chemicals will be introduced into the earth. Add to that our Aquamation or Flameless Cremation Process and our Partnership with Return Home to offer Composting, we are able to assist our families in giving back to the earth that has given us so much. For more information and to understand the benefits, as well as to do your part in preserving our beautiful planet, county, and island, please contact us today using the form just below.