Environmentally Friendly Options

As with many things today, we are all in search of better more environmentally conscience choices. Our planet is struggling and we are looking for new and better ways to lessen our impact and conserve resources. But what about when we die? What options are available to lessen the impact that traditional funeral choices bring with them?

At Cook Family Funeral Home we have not only asked those same questions, but we have taken steps to do something about it. 

Starting with our Cemetery, Hillcrest on Bainbridge Island, we now offer the most environmentally friendly service available which is Natural Burial. By doing away with the need for embalming, caskets other than optional natural wood or wicker choices, and concrete vaults, we have greatly diminished the impact on our planet. 


We are also the only funeral home and cemetery in Kitsap County offering this option and we are certified by the Green Burial Council.

In addition, we have also adopted Flameless Cremation or Aquamation as it is better known. This process uses an Alkaline Solution to do what cremation does, but with far less impact and zero carbon releases. This gentle process results in 20 % more remains returned to the family and benefit the environment at the same time.


Lastly is the Composting Option or Natural Organic Reduction. This process involves the placement of remains into a chamber with other organic materials. Over time, the natural process of decomposition takes place and mixes with the other materials eventually resulting in a Cubic Yard of Soil. This process is a good alternative for those who do not wish to be buried but would rather their remains be scattered and add some benefit to the environment in the process.


If you are interested in learning more about these options, or you would like to talk with us directly, please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will show you how you can do your part for our planet even in death. 

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