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Cremation Options

Cremation Services

Cremation has become a popular choice over the years and especially in our area. In recent years families have chosen to expand their options beyond just simple cremation and have found that having a service or viewing prior to cremation is very beneficial. Many now choose to memorialize their loved one in a local cemetery or at one of the churches with memorial options in the area in which they were a member. 


Regardless of your choice, understand that we are here to assist you with your needs and to help make your choice, whether simple or elaborate, the most meaningful and healing event possible.  


Direct Cremation: $1950.00

This is the most basic cremation service. Our direct cremation package includes the transfer of your loved one from the place of death to our funeral home, holding and care of the remains, administrative and professional services of the funeral director and staff, transfer to our crematory, filing of all necessary documents including the filing of the official death certificate, Veterans Papers, Insurance documents, and notification to Social Security, standard cremation fee, and return of the remains in a temporary cremation urn. Washington State Law requires a casket, cremation container, or alternative container for cremation. and may be selected from
the casket price list. These containers are the size of a casket and are designed to house the remains of the loved one for cremation. A complete list will be provided to you during the arrangement conference. 

Other Cremation Considerations:

One of the biggest misconceptions about cremation is that there can't be a funeral service or visitation. In reality, the complete opposite is true with 80% of families choosing to have some additional services. These services are healing and bring closure to those left behind and we encourage you to consider holding a memorial service to celebrate the life of the deceased loved one.

The following are some examples open to you when it comes to honoring your loved one's life. Even after the cremation, there are many options available for memorial services and the final placement of the cremated remains:

  • Interment means that you'll bury or entomb your loved one's cremated remains. This can be in a family plot, a memorial site, a cremation niche or urn garden, or in a variety of other indoor and outdoor locations. Ask our staff for a detailed list of interment possibilities including our own at Hillcrest Cemetery.
  • Graveside services are similar to those celebrated alongside a traditional ground burial, in which loved ones are present at the burial of the cremated remains and honor the deceased through memorial prayers or other meaningful tributes.
  • Celebration of Life services can be religious or nonreligious or simply celebrate one's life and accomplishments. Often times these services will include slide shows, favorite music, storytelling, and a reception so friends and family may gather and share their special times and memories. These services are powerful and healing and are meant to appreciate a life lived.
  • Scattering allows you to spread your loved one's cremated remains in a memorial garden, a cemetery, over water, or across any other meaningful site. You also can choose to scatter some of the cremated remains and retain the rest in an urn for interment or another form of disposition.
  • Dividing and placing cremated remains in multiple urns allows family members who are separated by distance to each feel the comfort of having their loved one's final resting place in a nearby location.       
  •  Keepsakes, Jewelry, Art Glass, and Parting Stones allow the family and friends to keep a portion of their loved one close by and forever in their memory. These beautiful handmade items are a constant and beautiful memory of your loved one and are cherished by all who have chosen this type of memorial.  
  • Placement in a Niche at our cemetery or another in the area. Niches are also available to Veterans and their spouses at Tahoma National Cemetery. Please ask your funeral director for options available.