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Green and Eco Friendly Options

Cook Family Funeral Home is proud to be the area leader in eco-friendly options. As a matter of fact, we are currently the only funeral home and cemetery that offers all of the available options on the Kitsap Peninsula. Of course, we still offer all of the traditional services families have chosen over the years, but in addition, we are proud to offer the following packages of eco-friendly options currently available right here in our community.

When you choose one of these options you are dealing with us directly and have at your disposal over 83 years of experience to count on. Together with our partners, we offer the finest services available and provide you the Peace of Mind that your loved one will be cared for exactly as you would expect. Please browse the following packages knowing that this is a sampling of what is available. There are many options that are possible and we are here to assist you in creating the most meaningful and healing service possible for your family.


Green (Natural) Burial: Packages starting at $2880.00

As the leaders in eco-friendly services on the Kitsap Peninsula we are very proud to also be the first and only funeral home and cemetery to offer true green or natural burial at our cemetery, Hillcrest. Certified by the Green Burial Council, we offer the most eco-friendly option available right here on Bainbridge Island. There is no casket required and embalming and vaults are not allowed. This service offers a simplistic beauty for those who wish to have a burial and creates the least environmental impact of all available services.


Terramation (Composting): Packages starting at $5500.00

Terramation is the newest option in eco-friendly services. Also known as composting, the remains are gently reduced to soil which may be used in gardens and other places safely. Many choose to take a small amount home and have the rest donated to land restoration projects. This process, which typically takes 60 to 90 days, involves placing the loved one in a chamber with organic material to assist in the conversion. Once complete, the result is usable soil. Together with our partners at Return Home, we are the exclusive provider of this service in Kitsap County. 


Aquamation (Flameless or Water Cremation): Packages starting at $2575.00

Aquamation or flameless cremation is a gentle process involving the use of a warm alkaline solution. The deceased remains are placed into a chamber with no man-made objects or wrappings. In other words, we leave this world the way we came into it, with nothing. The chamber is sealed and a warm alkaline solution is added. Over a period of 3 to 5 hours, the chamber gently and periodically moves back and forth to allow the solution to evenly disperse resulting in a similar result to traditional flame cremation.