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All About Burials

Traditional. Profound. Healing. A tribute meant to be shared.

Burials are a traditional memorial choice that give families a meaningful opportunity to share all they can with family and friends. they are also a service chosen when the family wants a physical and permanent symbol to mark a loved one’s resting place. At Cook Family Funeral Home, Cremation Service and Cemetery, we offer a broad range of burial options, from Traditional to Contemporary. Whether your choice is Simple, Elaborate, or Green Burial, we will present you with all of the options available so your choice will be as unique as the life it represents. We invite you to read about all that’s possible. We’re here to help you design a service that will honor your loved ones wishes along with your own and also create a  permanent memorial that will be a beautiful place to visit, forevermore.

Graveside Funeral Services

Graveside Funeral Services

Express the life of your loved one and create a place for family and friends to gather.

We can help you design a meaningful and healing service to take place at the graveside. These services can take place outdoors or even inside a mausoleum or other location of your choosing. We’ll guide you through the process of personalizing both the service and the site in multiple ways. Working with your Funeral Director, you can select readings, speakers and create spiritual moments. You can include military honors, masonic rites and religious leadership. When it comes to memorialization, we offer many options. Your selection may include a flat memorial, upright monument, ledger, mausoleum plate, memorial benches or private estates. Please reach us any time to begin the conversation. We’re here to share our expertise, with professionalism and compassion.

Committal Services

Committal Services

A graveside service takes place after a funeral and can be a profound healing experience.

Funerals often take place at the funeral home chapel or at your place of special meaning or religious worship. In that case, an internment and committal service can follow at the graveside. These are important gatherings to commemorate a life and mark the end of physical closeness. Family and friends gather to commit a loved one to the earth and say final farewells together. A committal service is symbolic and a helpful step in healing.

Immediate Burials

Immediate Burials

Together with your funeral professional, we can guide you through all of the arrangements.

Burials are often an unexpected need, and we can handle every detail should this option make sense for you and your family. Please call us any time to discuss your needs. Our mission is to ease your burden.

Find The Option For You

A funeral should be personalized to your loved one. If you have questions about your burial or Green Burial options, let us help. Contact us to select the ideal resting place.

Types of Burial Memorials

Design a site to express a life and gratify the living.

A permanent resting place is something to consider carefully. Ask yourself about the kind of final resting place to best commemorate the life lost and provide a fitting place for family and friends to gather for services and future reflection. Whether you choose a place at our cemetery Hillcrest, or another location that is meaningful, we are here to help you not only choose the right location but also to help design the perfect memorial to reflect a life well lived and leave a permanent marker for generations to visit and remember.