We are proud to be part of our community and we are equally as proud of our 80 years of service to all of you. In celebration and gratitude for the honor and privilege of your trust for all of those years, we are reaffirming our commitment to all of you. In addition to our annual programs such as Toys for Tots, being sponsors of various community events, and supporting various community services and resources, we are also introducing two new programs listed below.

January 2020 Events

Introducing "CookCares" and "Replenish"

Jan 1, 2020

As we celebrate our 80th year of service to our community this year, we are offering two new services which will be simply unmatched in our area. The first of these is "CookCares".  This is our guarantee, to everyone we are honored to serve, that we are committed to providing the absolute best in personal care, services, support and funeral related items available in our area.

 From how we handle your family's needs, care for your loved one, listen to your requests or answer our phone, we want you to rest assured that you are receiving the very best. We also want you to know there is someone standing behind all of it... and that's our family.

We have also developed our "CookCares" Code of Ethics.  This code ensures and promises that everyone on staff and associated with Cook Family Funeral Home always uses Best Practices when working with you and your loved one. It's just one more guarantee that you are receiving the very best care available. 

And to be clear; we are not just saying it, but rather providing it to you in writing. It's easy to claim your the best. It's quite different to guarantee it in writing.


Our second new program is "Replenish".  This is our commitment to you and our environment. As you may know, we took over Hillcrest Cemetery here on Bainbridge Island. Shortly after, Cook Family Funeral Home and Hillcrest Cemetery became the first funeral home and cemetery to offer true Green Burial in Kitsap and surrounding communities. 

In addition to Green Burial, we also offer "Aquamation" which is the new Flameless Cremation Process. From that point, we have looked at everything we do and have tried to find better ways to use our natural resources and reduce our impact on the environment. From better use of space at Hillcrest Cemetery to the products we use at our funeral home, choices are made to better use the resources we have and reduce our impact by employing more environmentally sound offerings and products. "Replenish" is our promise to be aware and offer the best options we can with the least amount of impact. Simply put, it's giving back to the planet that gives us all so much.

To experience the difference our family and 80 years of service can make, call or visit us today...you won't be disappointed...we guarantee it. 

Introducing "CookCares" and "Replenish"

Celebrating 80 Years of Service to Our Community

Jan 1, 2020 08:00 AM to Dec 31, 2020 12:00 PM

As of January 1, 2020, we are proud to announce our 8oth year of serving the families of Bainbridge Island. Cook Family Funeral Home has been known by a couple of other names over the years, but what has not changed for all of those years is that your funeral home has always been owned and operated by a local family, and that tradition continues today. 


So how old is 80 years in relation to our Island home you may ask? To give you an idea, our Fire Department wasn't formally established until 1942 ... 2 years after the Owyn family opened the funeral home to the people of Bainbridge Island.

Now that's a bit of history and we are proud to be the ones to carry it forward.


So to all of the people of our community and surrounding County; thank you for your

many years of trust.


And please know, that we promise to continue to provide the absolute highest level of service and care that you have come to expect and count on. And we guarantee that service will be available to you and your family for many years to come. 


Thank you again for the past 80 years....it has truly been our honor. 


Tim and Alison






Celebrating 80 Years of Service to Our Community